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Sterling Price-McKinney: Guestbook

Peg Miller

April 19, 2011

Sterling is the consummate professional - his altogether too rare performances are NOT to be missed! Whether performing his own original compositions, or creating whole shows with his artful arrangements of others' work- he entertains and educates, frequently familiarizing us with lesser known works by famous artists. His amazing talent for creating classy cabaret acts for himself and his late, lamented performance partner, Karen Kuykendal are the stuff of Austin theater legend. For many years, they entertained everyone from average theatergoing audiences to the elite clientele KK generated thru her business and political connections. My favorites, of course, being the shows housed at "Chicago House"- as the intimate environs lovingly held the two personalities and their witty repartee coupled with Price-McKinney's glorious arrangments enchanted us all. Any opportunity to see and hear him perform should be taken advantage of immediately! He is most assuredly one of Austin's rarest gems - true nobility of the Austin art scene. Don't miss him!

Bobb Goldsteinn

October 1, 2008

Dear Sterling; You may not know my name from it, but I was part of the creative council for the creation of "Free To Be You And Me." In fact, I am currently working again with its musical director Steve Lawrence.
Could you give me a call? Best, Bobb


September 28, 2008

Hello its a very nice site!

Kelly Graner

March 13, 2008

Hey Sterling; This is probably the best way to get in touch with you. I enjoy your card each year so much, and I feel that I owe you greetings in return for many years past. We send our love and admiration to you and hope to ge able to see you sometime in the future. God bless you always!!!!!! Kelly

Cynthia Tannehill Faulk Ryland

November 7, 2007

WOW!!!! Just look--I've really been out in the back 40 & not paying attention. WOW, again.
Thanks for all you do telling The Story. It's the most important job there is.
Love, Tanne

Jason Ogan

November 29, 2006



I was a Chautauqua Opera Apprentice aritst your first year at Chautauqua, I think.

You are an amazing talent and wonderful soul.

Cool web site.

Beau Gibson

November 16, 2006

Hey Sterling! Just randomly found your site. Hope all is well. Send me an email sometime if you get a chance. Much Love.

Week Eight Fans

August 15, 2006

Looking so forward to the Cole Porter Program at Lenna I cannot tell you. You bring that place to life like nobody else. And "Star Dust" at the Pops Concert the other night on solo piano had the town abuzz. Such fun!


April 19, 2006

Hey Sterling, here we are in Holland ,Guus and I rehearsing the new show Aznavour-Shaffy,opening this friday in Amsterdam.
I am applying all the good work that you and I have been exploring together.
Your Fans,

Love from Guus and Frans

Emma Jean Goodwin

February 19, 2006

Just wanted to see your website, keep up the good work , were proud of you

Brian Mantz

November 4, 2005

When God was handing out talent he gave Sterling Price-Mckinney a very large serving and then he did it again! The rest of us got a normal portion and never really got over the
blatant favoritism. Nuff said.

Jim Wilson

October 3, 2005

To those reading this.. Check out the Chasing Shadows disc. In particular "Remembering you" and "Earth to Control" are these mega hits or what?

Tom White

September 30, 2005

Sterling, you stud!...playwright Tom White


August 26, 2005

lovely website . . . lovely sad "where will i find ...." thanks.

Jonathan Kline

August 9, 2005

Just saw "Tarnation..." was shocked and amazed to see you on video. I remember talking with you in the subway station, oh, I guess about a year or so ago (time does fly...), and it's been an eon since our time in cabaret boot camp (i.e.: The O'Neil Cabaret Symposium). Anyway, I hope you're well and will drop me a line sometime...JAK

PS:..and where the hell do you know Eric Kroncke from? Was just talking with him. G-d it's a small world...J.

Georgi Eberhard

August 9, 2005

Rockin' website, Sterling-Meister!!!!!

Dan Zimmetta

August 6, 2005

WOW - What a glorious evening in Lenna Hall. I am still in orbit... Thank you so much

Q and A

July 24, 2005

We are still talking about your superb recent performance in Austin, Texas! So glad you can come back once in a while to treat us to the "finer things in life". Cheers!!!

Janet Ludwin

July 18, 2005

Hi, I enjoyed roaming around your web-site and listening to you playing the piano & singing! I'll be back. By the way, I'm Brad Ludwin's mom and the family is coming to Chautauqua this week. Hope to meet you then!

Patrick McDaniel

May 4, 2005

Very professional-looking site - even better than at my first visit. Remember, Austin misses you. We miss you. Garden Street misses you.

Alison Bates

March 25, 2005

So nice to have a way to find out all about what you're doing! Congratulations on all of your successes and on your wonderful new website! I miss working with you so very much. I enjoyed our revue at Chautauqua, and I hope very much to have the chance to work with you again. Hope to see you again soon!

Love and good wishes,


March 17, 2005

I miss your face, cutie! Glad to have this website to go to...


Kim Jones

March 10, 2005

Great music! Truly good stuff. Nice website.
(for id purposes, Lorne gave me your website address!)

Peg Miller/Glynda Cox (of Chicago House)

February 22, 2005

If you didn't look so VERY happy... we would demand you return home immediately! As it is, we shall continue to keep the hot tub hot and the wine cold - ever ready to celebrate at your earliest convenience. Keep up the good work, but don't forget your "homies" who also need a chance to adore you! Our love always.... ( P.S. If YOU can't make it, send Lorne!) Kudos on such a lovely, elegant site!

forrest and bill

February 22, 2005

YIKES! It's our friend Mr. Sterling who use to live across town and we got to have dinner with and talk away the nights. LOOK AT HIM NOW! Handsome photo of the successful NYC PROFESSIONAL. Love is a simple thing!

Rich Upton

February 21, 2005

Sterling, it was a great pleasure working with you and singing your wonderful songs in "The Electric Street" in Austin and I'm delighted to have a song made of my melody and your lyrics (which you knocked out in one evening. he said enviously). Love the site, but add more mp3s!


Erik Kroncke

February 9, 2005

Wonderful! I laughed, I cried, ....It was better 'n Cats! So good to hear from you and see such an excellent and TASTEFUL website. Bravo, to use an overused expression.


Janelle Buchanan

February 9, 2005

Sterling, this is a fabulous website! We miss you here in Austin but I think you have found your niche. I will be checking in often.

xo - Janelle


February 8, 2005

Hey Sterling!

Just finished visiting this very interesting site of yours. Love the MP3 files!
Take care of yourself and hope to run into soon!
Jan C.

Anne and Robert

February 2, 2005

Dear Sterling, You're the top! And we cannot thank you enough for your spirited cabaret at the Zumwalts last week, It was so right in that grand living room with the wonderful view, very New York. Everyone loved it, and we are very grateful for your generosity and talent. With much Appreciation, Anne and Robert


February 2, 2005

My dear, We had a truly wonderful evening. If my son and his sweetie conceived a child in the third row, I will make them name it Sterling! With Love, J.

Ken King

February 1, 2005

Yes, Sterling, this is a wonderful site, with so much
information that it is just unbelieveable, and, yes, we did know you back then .... Lest you forget, we were there for so many memorable moments and are only to happy to share our recollections of them .....