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Sterling Price-McKinney: Links

Julie Wilson
Gary Stevens writes, "If there had ever been a coronation for the Queen of Cabaret, Julie Wilson would have walked off with the crown. For ever so long, settle for five decades, Julie has been the steady paragon, the perennial, the quintessential caroler for the cognoscenti who seek an evening's entertainment after the sun goes down."
Steve Ross
Stephen Holden of the New York Times writes, "Steve Ross is a performer who likes to remain above the fray, frolicking in a high-rent urban time warp of his own imagining... Mr. Ross's performances... are all about maintaining a cultivated facade and telling a story that camoflauges the dark side of life with elegant wit."
Julie Reyburn
In Cabaret Hotline, Barbara and Scott Siegel write of her, "Julie Reyburn doesn't simply sing songs well ... She's an exceptional actress who sings. And she's an exceptional singer who acts. It all comes together for her because she always knows what her lyrics mean, and she always knows what the music attached to those lyrics is trying to convey."
Rob Garcia
Rob Garcia isn't just a great percussionist, he's a veritable orchestra of reaction and feeling that illuminates the music he plays. Though perhaps best known for being part of "Woody Allens New Orleans Jazz Band", he demonstrates a more personal style of music with his own band "Sangha" on their latest recording "Place of Resonance".
Jon Peterson
One of Britain's most delightful exports. Having starred in multiple musicals in London's West End, he's now starred in the U.S. national tour of "Cabaret." Barbara and Scott Siegel note in Cabaret Hotline, "His attention to emotional detail, connecting lyric and attitude into a persuasive and natural expression of music is stunning."
The Lounge-O-Leers
The Lounge-O-Leers are Ricky Ritzel on keyboards/vocals and Aaron "Hot Rod" Morishita on percussion/vocals. They present a living soundtrack expressly for the entertainment of the subconscious mind - including everything from classic lounge tunes to TV and movie themes to top forty transported to the land of lounge...
Steven Lutvak
Steven Lutvak is one of the best of the "new breed" of singer/songwriters around. As Jeff Rossen of Cabaret Scenes magazine so aptly puts it, "There are sensational singers, and there are sensational songwriters. Then there are those exceptional people who are sensational in both fields, and Steven Lutvak stands with that select group."
Eric Comstock
Many fans consider Eric Comstock to be the "Bobby Short of Tomorrow." Stephen Holden of the New York Times says of him, "Energetic delivery and barreling pianism don't compromise his sensitivity to lyrics and refined taste in material. (A) keen interpretive intelligence ... and he's a polished, enthusiastic storyteller."
Frans Bloem
Originally from Holland, the multi-lingual Bloem (pronounced "Bloom") travels the world and calls Manhattan his home. He has sung in locales from Paris to Shanghai ... with many interesting stops along the way. Roy Sander of Backstage calls him, "part bohemian and part boulevardier, with the sparkle of a showman."
Miles Phillips
David Hurst of Showbusiness Weekly has written, "Miles Phillips dazzled ... a tall, handsome, leading man who knows how to sing, but still doesn't take himself too seriously ... musical excellence ... superb phrasing, taste and a burnished register that rings with authority ... not to mention he's charming and funny ..."
Blossom Dearie
Stephen Holden of the New York Times has written, "No cabaret performer illustrates the concept that less can be more as satisfyingly than Blossom Dearie." The Washington Post has called her "The hippest person in the world." And Rex Reed has said "Blossom Dearie is one of the all time great singers and composers of popular music."