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Sterling Price-McKinney: Music & Lyrics

I Call Out to You

(Sterling Price-McKinney)
Words and Music by Sterling Price-McKinney
Life on this side
Of the Vale of Tears
Isn't always what it seems.
The truth isn't always
Right there in front of you
Or always a part of your dreams.
So many choices.
Too many words
I wish that I could say.
But for now I'm just thinking of you,
And searching for a way to get through.

And so I call out to you.
Call out to You.
I call out.
Call out.
Call out to you.

So many questions.
So little light
On the paths I have to choose.
So little control
Of our fleeting existence
In this world of win and lose.
I wonder if life is a verse of poetry
Where secret answers hide.
And why I keep holding on
To the things I feel inside.

(Repeat Chorus)

I wouldn't have to speculate
If I could see you before me.
I wouldn't have to dream in vain.

Should I try to remember?
Should I try to forget?
Should I turn and walk away?
Is the tie that binds up
Still as strong as it was?
Has it seen it's final day?
I wonder if Gods and Guardian Angels,
Can mend a broken heart.
And if a crack in the universe
Is all that keeps up apart.

(Repeat Chorus)

Life on this side
Of the Vale of Tears,
Isn't always what it seems.