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Sterling Price-McKinney: Music & Lyrics

Wherever You Are

(Sterling Price-McKinney)
Words and Music by Sterling Price-McKinney
Wherever you are
I know you can hear me.
No matter how far
I know you can see.
No matter how long ago
I know that you don't forget.
Wherever you are
For a moment
Come to me.

And if you open your arms to embrace me
I will feel you.
And if you whisper my name on the wind
I believe I will hear.
And if you wish to be here in my heart
I will know the real you.
And if you think of me now and then
I will be content.

Whatever the plan,
I know you can be here.
However you can
I know you are near.
No matter the time of day
I know you are close at hand.
No matter how brief
For a moment
Come to me.

(Repeat Chorus)

Open your arms.
I feel you.
Whisper my name.
I hear.
Wish to be hear.
I'll know you.
And if you
Think of me now and then...
Think of me now and then,
I will be.