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Sterling Price-McKinney: Music & Lyrics


(Sterling Price-McKinney)
Words and Music by Sterling Price-McKinney
Descend on us.
Our hearts are waiting
To bid you welcome,
As your presence
Strarts to fill the air around us.
Descend on Us.
We embrace you.
We hold you in our hearts.

Fellow travelers on a highway,
On a journey with no end.
Always looking for each other,
Always just around the bend.
Like ships that pass,
Never knowing the other is so close.
Don't let this happen.
In this moment.
As I think of you...
Let your...

(Repeat Chorus)

I see faces all around me.
I feel glory in the air.
I hear the sweetest songs
That angels sing.
This place is filled with love,
And longing.
Filled with tears that mix with joy.
Just for an hour.
Just for a moment.
Share the precious gift
That only you can give us...

(Repeat Chorus)

We embrace you.
We hold you in our hearts.