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Sterling Price-McKinney: Music & Lyrics

Chasing Shadows

(Sterling Price-McKinney)
Words and Music by Sterling Price-McKinney
I’m chasing shadows.
I’m listening for words
that can’t be spoken.
Feelings for things
that can’t be touched.

I’m chasing shadows.
Walking a mile
that can’t be measured.
Grasping for things
that can’t be held.

I’m seeing a picture
I can’t paint.
Singing a song without words.
Dancing without a step.
Flying without the benefit of wings.
without trying to explain
extraordinary things.

And I feel I’m chasing shadows.
And they seem to be slowing down
so I can catch them.
And they mirror
my thoughts and deeds,
and allow me to match them.

These messengers of moments
pick their own times.
And I barely know
when they are near.
But when I feel them here,
I wouldn’t miss it,
for any other visit.

And so happily, willingly, longingly…
I’m chasing shadows.