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Sterling Price-McKinney: Music & Lyrics

Remembering You

(Sterling Price-McKinney)
September 29, 2005
Words and Music by Sterling Price-McKinney
Often when I find myself alone at night,
And the noise and the din
Have ceased to drift in.
A moment when I almost think I hear your voice.
Then just as quickly it's gone,
But my sense of it goes on.

And I'm remembering you.
In spite of distance, time and space,
I'm in some other place.
Where I'm remembering you.
When I try to find a reason to go on...
In the middle of the night,
I remember you.

Sometimes when I see a face across a room.
And some trick of the light
Can cause my heart to take flight.
A moment when I almost smile and call your name.
But it's always the same.

And I realize that...
I'm remembering you.In spite of all the other faces
That have come and gone.
I'm still remembering you.
As if there was no other in my lifetime.
And when no one else will do,
I remember you.

Against the tide, against the odds.
Forever flying in the face of reason.
Forever by my side.
Light as air,
Through every time and season.
We'll always be together.
Always be together.

So even if your presence
Isn't quite the same.
As the times that I recall
Or the wonder of it all.
Somehow I'll go on.
Without the touch of your hand.
Without the music of your laughter.

And forever after
I'll remember you.
Through the sunshine and the rain,
Through the joy and pain
I'll still remember you.
And I'll never give you up
Or stop believing.
And in everything I do
I'll remember you.
I'll remember you.