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Sterling Price-McKinney: Press

"Though one may try to refrain from naming other talents with whom to compare newer artists, the following is quite simple; combine one part Marvin Hamlisch, one part Barry Manilow, one part Jacque Brel with a charming southern accent and a dash of Mike Todd showmanship, and you might just have scaled the tip of the iceberg that is singer/composer Sterling Price-McKinney ..."
Andrew Martin - Applause! Applause! - New York City
"Sterling Price-McKinney is either a poet who also happens to be a musician or a musician who happens to be a poet ... or a humorist who happens to be a musician and poet ... or a humorist, musician, poet and storyteller ... . His lyrics are rarely accessories to the melody, and they sometimes take aim at the heart, hitting the soul and maybe a tear duct along the way."
Pete Szilagyi - Austin American-Statesman
"When he sparkled, the room lit up."
Stu Hamstra - Cabaret Hotline - New York City
"As a pianist he's topnotch, and he bears an uncanny vocal resemblance to Billy Stritch at times - in fact, his success in the recording arena can be wholeheartedly foretold by even the least psychic of us."
Andrew Martin - Applause! Applause! - New York City
"Price-McKinney's delivery is as light and intoxicating as champagne. He polishes off irreverent Noel Coward songs and some of his own material with sly, silky flair."
Michael Barnes - Austin American-Statesman
"All our tics and twitches are on display here, but Price-McKinney has framed them in lush elegant melodies and wry rhymes that recall the best of the romantic masters of yore, the Gershwins and Porter and Mercer and Kern. The tunes swing and lilt and swoon and dip ... Price-McKinney, sage of the heart that he is, knows that even in our cynical time, our feeling for seeing stars in another's eyes, hearing crystal tinkling in another's laugh, for falling, ever so deliciously falling for someone, cannot die. It's a sparkling truth, delivered in sterling style."
Robert Faires - Austin Chronicle
"Sterling Price-McKinney is a name to remember."
Mark Blazek - Montrose Voice - Houston
"As an entertainment critic for the New York Post for 17 years, I've had opportunities to see just about all the pianists and musical directors in New York. And in producing shows of my own, I've also had opportunities to work with a good cross-section of them. Sterling Price-McKinney is an exceptional musical director. He plays with enormous heart and feeling. In addition, he brings to the table insights that he's learned as a performer, playwright and director. He knows how to theatricalize a moment, understands the dramatic arc of a show. He's unusually intuitive. He has almost uncanny instincts for bringing out the best in a singer and a song. When he served as the musical director and arranger for my show 'George M. Cohan: In His Own Words' (script and arrangements published by Samuel French Inc.), his input was invaluable. Our cast members think the world of him."
Endorsement: Chip Deffaa - Author/Director/Playwright