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"Chasing Shadows" - Sterling Price-McKinney - CD

In Lilydale, New York many of the citizens make their living talking to the dead. At Sunday Spiritualist church services, you may get a message from the great beyond delivered by the celebrant. And every day of the summer in beautiful western New York State, people come to Lilydale mediums for "readings", searching for answers that may or may not always exist. Many come looking for closure, yearning to discover a way to go on with their lives still connected to those who have disappeared from their physical presence. Sterling was moved to witness the earnest nature of those seekers, and felt compelled to write this collection songs in their honor. In the recording studio, personnel referred to this project wryly as "Seance in a Can". Sterling approved whole-heartedly. The subject matter being death and dying, the simple piano-vocal has demonstrated a comforting usefulness in alternative religious,healing, hospice and memorial situations.

From the liner notes: "Sometimes it's tough to ask questions for which there are no ready answers. In our culture, where death and dying have been stripped of their humanity and reduced to cold statistics, attempting to explain the unexplainable is met with derision as often as it is with intrigue. It is my hope that these meditative songs will come to be seen as 'Lullabies for the Living' as much as 'Requiems for the Departed'. My purpose may well exceed my grasp. But then, that may be the very essence of what it means to be 'Chasing Shadows'."

"Cafe Manhattan: Unreleased" - Karen Kuykendall and Sterling Price-McKinney - CD

As they often did in Cafe Manhattan shows at Chicago House, Zachary Scott Theatre and other venues, Kuykendall and Price-McKinney begin their CD with songs that invite you into the most marvelous party. Then they dazzle with medleys and torch songs from Cole Porter to Stephen Sondheim, trading romantic roles and harmonic parts along the way.

Yet the core of any Cafe Manhattan experience remains Price-McKinney's compositions, which have never received the sustained attention they deserve. Sometimes wistful, sometimes engorged with emotion, these songs traipse over long melodic and lyric lines connected by his flowing keyboard underscores. "The Ballerina Song" is every bit as touching and pensive as Judy Collins' "My Father," "The Fat Lady Is Sick Today" sounds like what it really is: a bracing, embracing opener for an intimate musical. Michael Barnes - Austin American-Statesman
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"Cafe Manhattan: Unreleased" is available at a variety of online retailers such as and, and downloadable at sites like,, and many others.

"American Cabaret Songs" - Courtney Kenny - CD

Versatility is the hallmark of Courtney Kenny's career. He opens this spirited "live-in-concert" recording with Sterling Price-McKinney's "The Fat Lady is Sick Today", a slightly tongue-in-cheek reference to a long and distinguished career in opera, musical theatre and cabaret. His first job was as Musical Director with the famous Bristol Old Vic Company, which gave him a life long interest in show music. Later he joined the world renowned Glyndebourne Festival Opera in Sussex, formed his own opera company in the West of Ireland, spent 25 seasons with the Wexford Fextival Opera in Ireland, and was Head of the Music Staff with the New Sadler's Wells Opera in London. He ran the Opera Department of the Blossom Festival School of the Cleveland Orchestra and Kent State University and has been associated with the Ohio Light Opera in Wooster, Ohio since 1983. His love of light music never waned, and since 1962 he's enjoyed a simultaneous career as a cabaret entertainer, performing many lesser known songs by the great songwriters, particularly those of Sir Noel Coward. He enjoys presenting the songs of more contemporary writers as well, as evidenced in this performance at the Purcell Room in London's South Bank Centre. This delightful recording also contains many rare unsung gems by the masterful likes of Alec Wilder, Sheldon Harnick, Bart Howard and others.
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"Fate Is Kind" - Julie Reyburn - CD

Though Sterling Price-McKinney's song "The Velveteen Rabbit" is reason enough to recommend this CD, this excerpt of an interview by Jonathan Frank of gives a few compelling others. As he so aptly offers, " Putting Julie Reyburn's CD, "Fate Is Kind", into one's CD player is like slipping into your most comfortable clothes, pouring a cup of hot chocolate and reliving your favorite memories of childhood. A collection of songs about and inspired by childhood and growing up, the album is based on her debut show of the same name; a show that won her the MAC and Bistro Awards for Best Debut." At the piano is the incomparable Mark Janas, serving as both Arranger and Musical Director for this auspicious debut album.
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"George M. Cohan Tonight!" Off-Broadway Cast Album starring Jon Peterson - CD

The New York Times Review by George Hunka reads, "Cohan almost single-handedly invented the American musical comedy, writing more than 50 shows and hundreds of songs: brash, cocky, energetic and endlessly euphoric. This also describes "George M. Cohan Tonight!", the new one-man musical starring Jon Peterson and devised by Chip Deffa, at the Irish Repertory Theater." Theatermania calls it a "brilliant multi-faceted sparkler". And in addition to the stellar performance by Jon Peterson, ample credit belongs, as Robert Windeler of Backstage puts it, "to the terrific trio behind him, led by Sterling Price-McKinney". Rob Lester of Talkin' Broadway says, "Speaking of bands, the accompaniment is in step like an accomplished dancing partner". And how could the music be anything less than "snappy" as described by Cabaret Scenes Elizabeth Ahlfors, when the band in question includes the legendary Vince Giordano (of Vince Giordano's Nighthawks) on bass, and Rob Garcia (longtime veteran of Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band) on percussion? Well now you can judge for yourself, as the cast album produced by Joel Moss has been released by Ghostlight Records on it's Sh-K-Boom label.
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"Der Einziger Weg (The Only Way)" - Deborah Harry and Robert Jacks - CD

This quirky hard to find recording from the 1994 movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation" has become an undeniable cult classic. On it, an unlikely couple composed of the late Robert Jacks ("Leatherface" in the movie, and wielder of the infamous chainsaw) teams with rock legend Deborah Harry (of Blondie) for a world-weary duet recorded in German and English that was dubbed the "Love Theme from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation". And who do you think is accompanying them on "tinny saloon piano" while other instrumentalists "noodle from here to Twin Peaks"? Why, it's Sterling Price-McKinney of course! As it is now out-of-print, and from the movie that gave both Renee' Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey their first "big breaks", it has become prized by oddity collectors everywhere ... and priced accordingly when you can find it.
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"Patty Montano - Live at Eighty Eights" with Sterling Price-McKinney - CD

(UPDATE: We regret to inform you that as of August 1, 2005, this recording is no longer available to the public.)

This recording just released by the estate of the late Patty Montano includes songs from cabaret performances for which Sterling Price-McKinney was the musical director and accompanist. Recorded live at "Eighty Eights" in New York City in 1997, it's release is a fitting tribute to a great singer, and a testament to the chemistry felt by both artists for each other. Selections from the recording include some of her signature songs such as, "Saved By the Grace of Your Love", "Why Can't He Be You?", and Francesca Blumenthal's delightful "Wicked Woman". From the country-inspired "Why Haven't I Heard from You?, to her hypnotic rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening", this is Patty Montano at her best. Her version of "The Impossible Dream" simply reinforces the an inescapable truth. She had much to share, and left us much too soon.